Fraser Island is one of the main attractions that brings tourist and visitors from all over the country and world to our beautiful city. It is situated not far from the city and is accessible via a short, 45 minute cattermaran trip from the Urangan Harbour over to the wondrous Island or via the barge which is located at River Heads, 20 minutes from the Urangan area.

The Island is a 147km long stretch of beaches, sand dunes, tropical and island plant life and dingoes alike. You can see the island in many ways by either taking the barge and hiring your own 4WD or by catching the cattermaran and staying at the Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village. This resort is world acclaimed and boasts many different affordable accommodation styles to suit any person, aswell as three restaurants, two main pools and tennis courts.

You can from here make bookings to go on a tour of the Island with experienced rangers or take in beautiful short walks through rainforest settings that are closer to the resort. The setting is tranquil, peaceful and sublime. You can enjoy as much or as little as you chose and you can also go on shorter cattermaran tours just off the Island like a champagne cruise at sunset and view the dolphins at play. Fraser Island is a MUST DO when coming to the city of Hervey Bay and an experience you wont forget.

This ever growing city’s main attraction is the beautiful beaches that are located along the Esplanade foreshore. Gatakers Bay at the tip of Hervey Bay has a tranquil beach setting where kid’s and those alike can enjoy walking along the beachy area and collecting shells of various types.

There is also a lot of rocky area at this point of which is enjoyable for searching the pools of water for small sea life. Sunsets are just amazing from this point aswell. Along the foreshore is many wonderful beaches and you can take all the sites in on foot along the 18km immaculate paved pathways that wind and curl it’s way through tropical tree’s and sites of the beaches from every vantage point.

At the other end of the Bay area is a 1.5km length pier that has been a trademark of the city for many many years. Many local folk and tourists alike enjoy the walk along the pier out to the end to enjoy many gorgeous sites of the ocean and close set, Round Island and Woody Island. There is never a time when you don’t walk out on the pier to see people fishing and relaxing with friends.

In a close vicinity is the Urangan Boat Harbour, which is currently in the process of undergoing some major transformations to be one of the biggest harbour’s in Queensland. At the harbour you can take a walk out on the pontoons to view the many large vessels that are moored, aswell as taking time out to eat at the take-away store or sitting down at the cafe next door for a dinning experience like no other right beside the water.

Here you can dine on fresh local seafood and enjoy the tantalizing tastes this superb cafe has to offer in a tranquil setting. Also nearby is a variety of other stores on offer including that of Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village booking office, a gift and souvenir store, a clothes store and ice creamery, aswell as you can get your photo’s processed at the photo store.

The harbour also boast two large accommodation resorts, The Mantra and The Great Sandy Straits Resort overlooking Fraser Island and all of the harbour area.

The city boasts four shopping centres including that of a Big W, Target, Just Jeans, Wendy’s, Coles, Woolworths, a large cinema outlet, arcade games parlour for the kids, a waterslide fun park aswell as the numerous recently upgraded parks that are located around the area. A new water park for the whole family to enjoy is opening up in late 2009 and will have a setting right near the foreshore with amazing views.

There is a brand new Hungry Jacks store that accompanies our already exsisting take-away/dining outlets such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Eagle Boys, Cold Rock, Macdonalds and many many more.