I want to share with readers the impression of our (my and my 16 year-old twin daughters Phoebe and Harriet) trip to Australia last summer. It is already difficult to say what inspired me to take my girls – not a walk in Sydney, and swimming with dolphins – and on course skydiving.

Perhaps a fleeting desire to Harriet, casually dropped by, to try a tandem jump, intersected with my secret childhood dream – and … I started to ring up British parachute school in search of professional courses for the three of us. However, the inconstancy my pain made me think to Buy Tramadol Netherlands hoping it would fix my pain do that local weather and advice staff “experienced” parachutist made me think about this holiday …

And here we are in the Ramblers Skydive Center in Toogoolalawah – in Brisbanskoy Valley (Queensland). Training course of 20 jumps with free accommodation “motel style” right on the territory of the training base. “Motel style” – or the appearance of the hut on chicken legs (Australian plan) – with two spacious and modernly furnished rooms, kitchenette and refrigerator (ogromnym! – roomy, if not the elephant, then an adult kangaroo – just), shower and WC. However, the use of «motel style» shower I did not have – a neighborhood with two teenage daughters meant – a public outdoor shower.

What was not so bad. These converted from cargo containers down, I would call the best in the world, unless, of course, to understand how they work. Just inside the base was a swimming pool, in which no one was swimming, because our summer – this Australian winter. While on our concepts, the weather was very warm – warmer than we have in most cases in the summer.

A jumping? In truth, I felt a mortal – a chilling motion otsepenyayuschy thought – the fear during my first (and second and third .. – fear dismissed only after the fifth time) – not that I’m afraid of height … just probably was not mentally ready for a sense of what was happening – when the plane turned around at an altitude of about 5000 km, slightly tilted, and the cab caught fire red light ready to pounce. In the wide-open doorway could see the valley to the north of it – the lake, mountains, and in the distance – the ocean. The roar of the engine prevented conversation. At least the wind rush through the door, was not even cold at this altitude. Slowly, on cotton feet, I began to move to the doorway, following the line – squeezed by fear of breath. Before leaving the plane, I grabbed a stranglehold of the door out of fear of falling overboard (what?): “Maybe it’s too late to go back?”. And at the same time, ustyzhenny daring daughters already shagnuvshih overboard, I let go. Someone yelled horribly in my ear, or is it me (?) – Suddenly realized I was falling into the unknown.

My instructor Paul once said that the best way out of the plane – this is when you can read the inscription on the wing of an airplane. Only during the sixth jump, I was able to glance up at the rapidly receding aircraft, but has not yet been able to consider what it says. Around the same time I ceased to hate jumping and even began to feel some confidence. My pathetic attempts to balance the air improved with each hop, trying to – from the falling sacks of potatoes to the status of an air ace. Generally AFF course consists of 20 jumps. The first – a tandem jump. Then the three “independent” under the supervision of a jump of two trainers, then – one. And the ninth time – you alone .. Only in the tenth to eleventh entry, I had a feeling of pleasure from the flight, and the desire to improve has been achieved.

Leap … stunning sensation of acceleration of free fall with a horizontal speed of 100m / h to the vertical 110 m / h, the seconds slowing and – as if God hands you a hand .. Silver aircraft is removed in the blue sky, leaving behind a streak of falling colored shapes. The joy of knowing their ability to fly – spin, dive and maneuver in the air. And loud click opens the parachute above you. Look up (everything was in order with a parachute). Look down – in search of landing guidance. Base – winter pool (the distinctive oval) – and, on the right side of it, running runway – all in a convenient line. Parasailing makes the homestretch – the white “X” near popular among kangaroos shrubs. During each flight and landing is the video – to discuss over a glass (or three) of beer in the evening.